Statement Regarding On-Campus Worship & Activities

For Immediate Release
Statement Regarding On-Campus Services & Activities
JONESBORO, Arkansas, May, 6, 2020-

Pastor Terry Watson -The pastors and church staff are carefully, and prayerfully, considering how we can reopen our building safely.  With a congregation our size, meeting on campus has its own set of challenges that we must consider before we open our doors. As we look to restart in person worship gatherings, our top concern will always be the health and safety of our church family.

At this time, we are not going to offer on-campus worship activities and will continue to meet online. We feel this will offer the best worship experience for everyone involved. We will be reevaluating our options on a weekly basis as things continue to change.   
In the meantime, we are diligently working toward preparing our facility in preparation of in person activities. Carpets and upholstery are being cleaned. Hallways, bathrooms, and hard surfaces are being sanitized. Leaders are meeting and discussing safety protocols and best practices. We are preparing our building for the return of the church.  

We cannot wait to get back inside our building, but we want to ensure that we can do so in a way that keeps our Rock Family safe. Thus we are not placing dates on the calendar for reentering the building. Instead, we will reevaluate our reopening plan on a weekly basis.

Please be patient with us as we navigate these uncharted waters and try to reopen our building after a global pandemic. We will be following all CDC guidelines concerning health safety. Pray for your Pastor and leaders. We are facing difficult decisions and we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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