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Wednesday Groups begin at 6:30PM
Sunday Groups begin at 9:30AM

Spring 2023 Semester Lineup

A look at the basics of our faith. (Salvation, Prayer, Baptism, Communion, and more.)
• Cynthia Hall • James Turner • Jimmy Hudson
Discovering what a holy life really looks like.
• Laura Flowers • Lisa Buttgen
Sharing your faith doesn't have to be so scary.
• Sondra Gary • Candence Brooks

Calming the chaos of life one day at a time.
• Carolyn Braden • Tiffany Vance
Helping Parents lead their kids to fall in love with God.
• Nick Snearly • Bethany Moss

Learning who God says you are versus every other voice.
• Adam & Nicole Eckard
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Sunday Morning Groups

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12 Step Groups

Recovering Lives One Step at a Time.
*Extended Small Groups (January - May)
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